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The No Bull Marketing Ideacast offers a fresh look into the world of marketing today, seen through the eyes of senior marketers, business leaders and investors.

What are the challenges and opportunities that are keeping marketers awake at night? How are the uncertainties we face in our daily lives affecting the marketing and brand strategies that CMOs are employing? And how can agencies help marketers to respond better in the face of change?

Episode 5

In this episode, Becky interviews Irina Soriano, Head of Enablement at Seismic, and TEDx Speaker.

Becky wanted to understand a little more, not just why enablement is such a misunderstood term by marketers and salespeople alike - but what it's like to be the head of enablement at the world's leading enablement business, and what's involved in doing enablement well.

The interview with Irina is split into two episodes - Part 1 focuses on enablement - and Part 2 gets into Irina's shoes - we explore her own career journey, her new book, and her mission to help young women thrive in today's world of work.

Guest: Irina Soriano - Seismic & TEDx Speaker


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Episode 4

In this episode, Becky had the enormous pleasure of rapping on her favourite topic - the nature of "good" work - with one of her favourite clients of all time, Epicor's Shaun Moshay. Shaun is both charming and insightful.

We hope you enjoy listening to this episode of our ideacast as much as we enjoyed making it.

Guests: Shaun Moshay - Epicor Software

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 Episode 3

Our third, and most recent podcast episode takes a look at how the effects of COVID-19 resulted in businesses having to face new obstacles and challenges. 

We spoke to leaders of marketing to find out how they know it's the right time for a rebrand and why they decided to do this in 2020... of all years.

Guests: Rebecca Simon - British Business Bank, Douglas Quigg - Idox Software

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Episode 2

Our second episode takes a look at the issues based around homelessness, especially around Christmas. 

We spoke to Kirsti Wilson, Head of Marketing at Reading's leading homeless charity, Launchpad. The charity provides crucial information and support for those who don’t have a stable place to live or are at risk of losing their home.

We wanted to find out how 2020 has affected homelessness levels, as well as how Launchpad has faced multiple challenges within their marketing in these testing times. 

Guests: Kirsti Wilson - Launchpad


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Episode 1

Our first episode takes a look at how marketers not only survive, but thrive in this new era of accelerating change. 

We spoke with three marketing leaders in FinTech to understand how they have adapted, the changes they've needed to make in their strategies, and their thoughts on the future.

Guests: Jasper Martens - PensionBee, Zubair Mohammad - MarketFinance and Lou Young - Woodsford TradeBridge


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